David Frick

Web Developer

A Brief Bio

David joined the RevenFlo team mid-2012 after being recruited from The Hive.  He has an  Associates Degree in Computer Science from York Technical College, with a background in programming, web development, and audio production.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein

Programming (the magical unicorn++)

David tends to work in the middle ground between programming and design. The team often refers to him as the “Unicorn” developer, working with HTML, CSS/SASS, PHP, and the WordPress UI. He works to make WordPress easy to use and manipulate for our clients, with professional and modern look according to designs.

Music Production

In addition to programming at RevenFlo, David has a passion for audio production and composition. He records demos for local bands, but his focus is writing electronic music and scoring. Listen to some of David’s music at http://nihtingael.com.

David Frick's RevenBlog

Googly Eye Statue

The 2016 Googly Eye Challenge

2016 marked the first year of the Googly Eye Challenge—a competition to create more pictures with Googly Eyes for the world to enjoy. Teams compete for points based on specific prompts, such as “Add Googly eyes to a piece of beautiful artwork.” Pictures are uploaded to facebook with the hashtag #googlyeyechallenge, and after a week long event, judges award points to determine the winner.


Making the Perfect Frappuccino from Home (or Work)

What you’ll need: An espresso machine Espresso (finely ground) Cocoa Powder Sugar A blender A coffee thermos Half and Half Recommended Additions: (sold at GNC) Mocha Flavored Syrup The Day Before If possible, brew the espresso the day before and mix…

The Rise of Font Icons

The recent WordPress update to 3.8 woke many web designers and developers up to a new trend.  Font icons were introduced in the WordPress dashboard to replace .png image icons. The move towards flat design is well past its infancy–but…

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