Workforce Solutions Marketing

RevenFlo designs, implements, and manages custom digital web properties and supporting digital marketing initiatives that serve workforce development objectives.

    Digital Marketing for Workforce Initiatives

    RevenFlo works with workforce-concerned stakeholders, including technical colleges, school districts, governmental organizations, and public-private partnerships as a creative marketing agency. Our workforce projects vary in their specific objectives, such as increasing course registrations for a technical college or growing the number of qualified job applications submitted to local employers. Each project is unique to the participants, as well as to the identified challenges and opportunities of a particular community.

    digital marketing workforce solutions

    Digital Marketing Funnel

    RevenFlo designs, implements, and manages funnel-style digital marketing initiatives in workforce development. Creating a digital marketing funnel is about designing your overall web presence and online marketing efforts to work in concert to generate specific conversions.

    For example, if you want more people enrolled in workforce training in your community, then a conversion could be defined as anytime a prospective student registers (or submits their contact to register) for a course at the local technical college. With that action determined as the conversion, we would then create a website and a supporting marketing initiative accordingly, all designed to not only increase conversions, but to create the infrastructure for continued, predictable, and measurable success on the web.

    Internet advertising and social media presence & campaigns

    Likes, follows, shares, comments, conversations

    Website traffic and behavior

    Desired actions

    Workforce Branding

    digital marketing workforce solutions

    Branding & Messaging for Workforce Recruitment

    Every community deals with large gaps of awareness and understanding about job and career opportunities. A compelling and meaningful workforce initiative can bring together lots of interested parties. Each community and each set of stakeholders is unique, thus each workforce digital marketing initiative needs a unique approach that is strategic to the situation at hand.

    engaging brochure design

    Website Design as Workforce Solution

    Quality Website Design & Development

    • Strategically Focused
    • Beautiful Panel-Based Website
    • Mobile Responsive (for all size devices)
    • Browser Compatible (across all supported browsers)
    • SEO-Optimized (primarily for Google)
    • Standard Navigation (with mobile reshaping)
    • Clean, Professional Design
    • Editable by the Client (training provided)
    • Unlimited Client User Accounts
    • Consistent Branding
    • Custom Designed Homepage Marquee
    • Use of provided photos and stock photos
    • Customized Simple Calculator
    • A Blog, News Updates Section
    • Social Icons and Links
    • Custom Graphics
    • Contact Forms
    • Interactive Maps

    Consider Your Prospect

    • Why would your prospect even be on your website?
    • How did they get there?
    • What can they do?
    • How do they feel?
    • What do they need?

    Consider Your Infrastructure

    • What system will I build in?
    • Where and how will I host and maintain the website?
    • Where does the data, content, and information come from?
    • What integrations are involved?
    • Who manages and maintains which pieces over time?
    community marketing website design screenshots




    Video Production

    RevenFlo produces videos for the web. We produce highlights and features, as well as animated explainer videos and creative experience videos.

    Workforce Data

    Workforce data is scattered and duplicated across every community in multiple websites and databases — jobs, fairs, internships, apprenticeships, training information, and more. Learn about our custom data integration services to create collaborations in workforce-related data sharing in your community.

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      digital marketing workforce solutions

      Case Studies

      RN Charleston

      Digital & Social Nurse Recruiting Program for Trident Medical Center in South Carolina

      Career Connect

      An Innovative Career & Training Marketing Initiative for York Technical College

      Jobs Rock Hill

      An Economic Development Effort to Connect Local Employers with Local Talent


      Jason Broadwater presents to workforce-related stakeholders on how to use digital marketing and communications for workforce development.  The presentations are engaging and chocked full of solutions and examples.

      Stakeholder presentations are often the easiest place to begin. Your stakeholder group may be the staff of one organization, such as a technical college or state workforce organization, or it may be a larger group of community stakeholders and interested employers.

        Interested in a presentation to your group?