RT @RedCross: The Red Cross is on the ground in #Tennessee, assisting 200+ people overnight across 2 shelters. content-is-king-1132258_1280
RT @RedCross: The Red Cross is on the ground in #Tennessee, assisting 200+ people overnight across 2 shelters. content-is-king-1132258_1280

5 Principles for Success Online

Each organization, like each individual, must define success for themselves. This is true in life, in business, and certainly on the Internet in terms of professional use. Why spend time and money on the Internet and on digital media? It…

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

This video about Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing talks about utilizing this marketing strategy for your business  and how it can benefit your company to show up higher in Google search results.  

The 2016 Googly Eye Challenge

2016 marked the first year of the Googly Eye Challenge—a competition to create more pictures with Googly Eyes for the world to enjoy. Teams compete for points based on specific prompts, such as "Add Googly eyes to a piece of beautiful artwork." Pictures are uploaded to facebook with the hashtag #googlyeyechallenge, and after a week long event, judges award points to determine the winner.
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RT @subguy: content-is-king-1132258_1280

5 Reasons Movies Are About To Get Better

The cinema ain’t what it used to be. The age of reboots has left us all a little disillusioned, and doubtful about the direction of Hollywood. You’ll find more than one major filmmaker spouting warnings about the dire future of…

French Friday Treat

Hi there, New in the web team, I already wanted to delight everyone’s taste by bringing one of my favorite dishes from home: the French crêpes. Those thinner pancakes, eaten during the night of Mardi Gras, are very famous in France and…

Rebooting The Me Generation

I moved alongside a small group of peers from my exact demographic from an Imax movie into a theater corridor.  We were stopped dead in our tracks by the sound of something emerging from a nearby theater. It was heavy…
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Making Machines That Run On Characters

I’ve spent the last couple of years immersing myself in education and advice on screenwriting/storytelling. There’s a million storytelling ninjas out there with differing ideas on how it’s done and so many of them (who aren’t selling a book) will…


I am really fortunate to be working at RevenFlo at this point in my life. This isn’t the first time I’ve had this thought, but it’s one I had again during a recent conversation with a fellow student about past…
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Letting go of code

When it comes to cleaning up code I have noticed that I have a tendency to comment large chunks of code to preserve them for later. While sometimes this is useful, many times it is completely unnecessary. This is especially…

The Importance of Landing Pages

In this video, you’ll hear about the importance of having clear and effective landing pages so that potential customers are sent to the right place on your website. Doing this allows prospects to find the exact information they are looking for about your…
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RT @subguy: content-is-king-1132258_1280

13.1 Miles Later

This past summer I had a chip on my shoulder that I just couldn’t seem to shake. Fed up with my bad attitude, my dad called one day and informed me that he signed us up for a half-marathon. That’s 13.1…

Video Games Powered by Crowdfunding

The Olden Days of Gaming It used to be that game development companies were at the mercy of publishers. A publisher evaluated a game and decided if they wanted to fund the development and then distribute the game. Many games…

Shark Bait Oo-Ha-Ha

(Enter Jaws theme music here). This week we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. As a broke college kid, I can’t afford cable television but I was able to catch a few shows at friends’ houses. Joan…

Meme Me!

  What’s the most infamous line in the Star Wars saga? “Luke, I am your father,” right? There’s only one problem. That line is NEVER spoken in a Star Wars movie. Are you shocked? Probably not. It’s unlikely I’m the…
Are you wondering which social media channels & platforms are right for you and your business? #SuccessOnline

On Asking Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

If you’ve been on Facebook for a while, you’ve probably gotten used to (or have begun to ignore) the constant stream of requests to like the pages of your friends.  These are the friends who own their own businesses, make…
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Be Kind to One Another

I recently stumbled across an article and immediately got reeled in by the title: “A Man Stole This Woman’s Wallet, and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next”. Like anyone else reading, I wanted to know what happened next. Usually, I…

Internet Marketing for Medical Services

Internet Marketing As Enhancement Of Referrals And Network Physicians, as well as hospital managers, know that the referral will always be one of the greatest importance. The referral is the physician’s best prospect.  Yet, people qualify even direct referrals through…

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical to the content creation process. This video talks more about keyword research best practices and how to help Google display your website.    
Take notes employers! #Millennials content-is-king-1132258_1280
Take notes employers! #Millennials content-is-king-1132258_1280

Clarity is Key

In this video, you’ll learn about why clarity is crucial to your marketing strategy. Presenting a clear idea that makes sense is always going to draw positive feedback from your audience. The more your marketing can present a clear identity…

New Year’s Resolutions

When asked for New Year’s resolutions from the RevenTeam for 2016, here are the answers I collected:  Chance (Director of Accounts): “Pierceson and I have decided to try 8 new things this year (he just turned 8 in October). So far…

When I Grow Up

I was seven when I decided to be an author. My other ambitions of becoming an artist, a ballerina, and Indiana Jones took a backseat as I spent hours in my room scribbling fantasties and storylines about adventurous ballerina artists.…
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Balancing for Fruit

So, we’re presenting fashion with a few projects we’re doing here at RevenFlo. We are working with a few wonderful brands with exciting and compelling people running businesses behind them. As we present our products, we want the customer to…

Patois Counselors

I’m really excited about this new band I’m in. Firstly, because we have our first show coming up, and it’s been a while since I’ve performed with a group.  Secondly, because of the awesome folks I’m playing with. But mostly I’m…

You must have rules!

To learn a craft is to learn rules. It’s the spine of our education as children. We’re made to recite facts and follow rules and the assumption is we will take this combination and create a productive adult. When mastering…
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The Rise of Font Icons

The recent WordPress update to 3.8 woke many web designers and developers up to a new trend.  Font icons were introduced in the WordPress dashboard to replace .png image icons. The move towards flat design is well past its infancy–but…