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Lori Day, Executive Director
Lifelong Learning Institute & Institute for Entrepreneurship
“This is exactly what I wanted from your team. Your explanations, samples and comments are valuable and easy to grasp, even for a non-geek! Thanks for a job well done. We’l...”
Edie Dille
Associate Dean of Business and Information Technology, York Technical College
“The Hive is a wonderful, real-world experience for our students. For most of them, this class is a capstone experience preparing them for a nice transition into their career. Ba...”
Dr. Lynn P. Moody
Past Superintendent, Rock Hill Schools
“Our partnership with Revenflo is critical to us. I love talking with Jason about my ideas for not just communicating what we do, but how we can improve. He always challenges me ...”
Serena Williams
Director, Rock Hill School District Foundation
“You made it possible today for people all over to be able to reach us and instantly connect with back the pack. On behalf of our children, thank you! You’re our hero!!!”
Edward Granger
Training Alumni
“If it wasn’t for The Hive I would not be in the position I am today. I can’t be more grateful.”
York Technical College
Greg F. Rutherford, Ph.D., President
“RevenFlo has been instrumental in putting together The Hive – an innovative, collaborative solution for utilizing the growing Internet Industry for workforce, community, a...”
Dr. Roger Weikle
Dean of the Business College Winthrop University
“Field based learning is at the heart of what we do but the HIVE (under the direction of the Revenflo Web Team) takes the benefits to a new level; students have a dedicated place...”
Bretta McGill
Training Alumni
“The experience has been life changing for me as a designer and a developer, but mostly as a professional.”
Sheila Jackson
Director Department of Family and Community Engagement, Prince George's County Public Schools
“Thanks so very much for your skilled development of our website!!!!  So many school system colleagues, parents, Board of Education members, visitors from surrounding counties, ...”
Dr. Cynthia C. Elsberry
Superintendent, Horry County Schools
“The Horry County Schools has found RevenFlo to be extremely forward-thinking and innovative. They have been extremely helpful in guiding leaders in this community to plan for ne...”

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A mobile-ready web app built to help parents and communities support students.

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How a training program helped spark the revitalization of an urban district and the boom of the new creative economy